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Imagine a world where work is no longer bound by physical constraints and is magnified by exceptionally powerful intelligence.

Welcome to Intellectmap Corporation, a company dedicated to revolutionizing the way businesses approach work. With cutting-edge technology, we provide our clients with the ultimate in AI-powered solutions, combining the metaverse and AI to securely tackle the most challenging business processes. At Intellectmap, we also offer Intellectmap AI Offices, merging physical offices into the Metaverse Map for advanced AI collaboration.

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Why Postion Your Office on the AI Metaverse Map?

Are you ready to embrace the future of work? The AI metaverse offers a transformative new environment where seamless and natural collaboration with AI avatars is the norm.

Discerning property owners recognize the strategic value of siting their physical office buildings in prime Metaverse Map locations. Astute professionals also grasp that transitioning their teams into these digital properties unlocks the complete potential of AI collaboration.

By embracing the role of an avatar, you can break down barriers and unleash the power of natural collaboration, working alongside AI avatars as a cohesive team to achieve shared objectives and drive innovation. Join the AI metaverse today and become part of a community of forward-thinking businesses that are leading the way into the future of work by fully harnessing the power of AI.

Metaverse - Gallery
Take a closer look at the Intellectmap AI Metaverse for Remote Workers powered by Angel and ChatGPT.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Angel is the AI mind behind Intellectmap. Powered by our patented Expert System technology and ChatGPT, Angel is here to transform your business by protecting, guiding and engaging with you.

Guardian Angel
Cybersecurity Solutions

Guardian Angel uses our Angel AI and our team of consultants to prepare organizations for cyberthreat. With a holistic view that spans from strategy review, to prevention and mitigation services all the way to cyber insurance consulting, Guardian Angel is here to help you rest easy.

Guardian Angel for Remote Workers
Vulnerability Testing of Remote Locations

To ensure your employee's networks aren't compromising your security, our team of penetration testers will scan the networks of your employees for vulnerabilities and provide actionable recommendations.

AI Assisted Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Our patented AI will identify the vulnerabilities in your employee's cybersecurity preparedness, and then our team of experts will provide personalized coaching based on their unique weaknesses.

AI Log Analysis

We use AI to detect who has or may be trying to enter your or your employee's networks, and then send smart alerts if the algorithm detects there may be a malicious actor.

SecureEmail ™

Protect your data by encrypting email attachments with a passphrase, and securely processing approvals and electronic signatures. Simply encrypt the file on our portal and attach it to your email.

Secure Portal

Protect your information with military grade encryption. On our portal, you can share and collaborate on documents, assigns and track tasks, and manage relationships with vendors customers and employees.

AI Virtual Environent

Collaborate with employees in a virtual reality environment on the AI metaverse. A VR headset is optional, but not required.

New! Cyber Insurance Consulting

Learn about how we can help guide you towards securing the best coverage for your business.

Your Success Comes First.

Though we pride ourselves in the cutting-edge technology we have created, we also know that without the proper expertise, it’s nearly impossible to realize the full potential of an AI-based solution. That’s why at Intellectmap, we not only provide technology that can transform your business, our team of consultants will work with you every step of the way in designing and implementing a custom solution specific to your unique business needs. Our solutions are not limited to our technology either; we pull in existing and emerging technologies and integrate the tech you already have, depending on what makes the most sense for your business.

What are Businesses Saying About Us?
“For several years we have been working with Intellectmap to manage our cybersecurity, and they continue to impress us. Intellectmap does more than provide a service, it partners ownership of your cybersecurity efforts and worries, and addresses them holistically. With their expertise and experience, they have kept us safe from breaches and helped build a 'cybersecurity awareness mindset' in our company. Notably, when many of our employess had to move to remote work for COVID, they took proactive actions to help us adjust securely, including assessing cybersecurity vulnerability of our remote workers. They have been and continue to be our trusted advisors and I would highly recommend them to companies looking to seriously address their cybersecurity needs.”

– Chief Operating Officer of a Publicly Traded Company

“Intellectmap provides high end software engineers possessing great proficiency in a diverse set of technologies and programming languages to facilitate very rapid motion through even the most difficult projects.”

– VP of Research and Development at a Publicly Traded Global News and Information Services Company

“Intellectmap was highly reliable and exceeded our expectations, delivering to stringent deadlines and within tight budgets without fail on every occasion. Our experience with Intellectmap demonstrated that when they take on an IT project, they follow through and ensure that every small detail is properly handled. They have extremely effective technologists with superior organizational and project management skills. Intellectmap understands the value in exceeding customer expectations, and they provide outstanding levels of service, professionalism and follow-through as a result.”

– Executive Vice President at US Based Media Company

“The quality of their work was excellent, and they had all of the technical skills to provide accurate work that met all requirements. Project management was strong with effective use of personnel to control cost as well as an ability to accurately forecast both time and budgets. Intellectmap was flexible to meet our changing needs, responsive to our requests and proactive into potential risks. Overall we were highly satisfied with the work done by Intellectmap and feel confident in recommending them for future work.”

– Director of Business Development at a Privately Held Biotech Company

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