Intellect Security
Identify Cybersecurity Weaknesses With AI
Strengthen the weakest links in the information security chain.

Strong security defenses involve interplay between technologies, processes and people; but the strongest defensive mechanisms can be effectively compromised by an exploit of the human element. Many case studies of security breaches demonstrate how people without appropriate security awareness training are the weakest link in the security chain. ​
The damage and cost of a cybersecurity breach can be very substantial. An annual study, conducted by the Ponemon Institute, reveals that the average cost of a data breach in 2018 was $3.86 million globally. In the United States the problem is even more acute with an average cost of $7.35 million in 2017, a 5% increase compared to the previous year. Cybersecurity breach costs can include:

The purpose of security awareness training is to give direction on how to protect corporate information and assets in such a way that they are readily available to legitimate users. An investment in security awareness training can be recovered many times over by preventing even one serious security breach. The benefits of this offering include:

Identify weakest links in your cybersecurity defenses.

Provide targeted security awareness training to each employee.

Audit and measure each employee's level of cybersecurity awareness.

Assign personal security coach to strengthening people in high risk categories.

Reduce the cost and time of providing cybersecurity awareness training.

Allow employees to receive training wherever they want and whenever they want, with no wait times.

How does it work?
Intellect Security uses Intellectmap's patented expert system technology called mapped intelligence to identify security awareness training requirements in the following areas:
Intellect Security provides a full service solution to your cybersecurity awareness problem. We identity who in your organization needs training most and we provide personal security coaches to those people. The Intellect Security system measures progress and it is repeated until the weakest links are secured.

Did You Know?
We also offer other cybersecurity services, such as AI Log Analysis and Penetration testing.