Press Release: Virtual Reality Community Relief: A Novel Approach to Work by Intellectmap

Press Release: Virtual Reality Community Relief: A Novel Approach to Work by Intellectmap

April 21, 2020

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In wake of the current pandemic, Intellectmap is offering broader and discounted access to its virtual reality office space, along with free SecureEmail services, provided users volunteer 5 hours of their time to help the community.

BETHESDA, Md.-- Intellectmap Corporation, a cybersecurity and AI company, announced today their new relief initiative for COVID-19. This program waives the 10-person minimum for virtual reality office space and offers these smaller groups a 50% discount. In addition to that, Intellectmap is shortening the lease commitment from a year to six months. Intellectmap is also waiving the usual add-on fee for its SecureEmail service to help people work from home more securely. To participate in this promotion businesses are asked to volunteer 5 hours of their time a month to help others in the virtual community.
“We saw that the COVID-19 pandemic was negatively impacting people by isolating them in insecure home work environments,” said Ronan Sorensen, CEO and Founder. “We feel our platform could provide immediate relief to this isolation.”

Intellectmap’s virtual office space provides companies with a central hub for their remote business, where users can collaborate with their teams and network with other professionals, via virtual reality. Users are represented via avatars, and no headset is required. The space allows for the spontaneity of live interaction and collaboration while still working remotely. “The Virtual Reality Community is an excellent environment for people to maintain and expand the social aspects of their work life,” said Mark Danner, Practice Lead for Intellect Security.

The five-hour donation of time each month per company is part of an effort to foster a greater online community, where organizations can offer their services to their virtual neighbors in need. “If your firm has expertise in areas like consulting, legal services, or even accounting” said Catherine Sorensen, Associate Marketing Director, “and someone else in the community needs help, your company is prepared to offer them five hours at no charge. It’s a good faith effort to help people that may be struggling because of the pandemic and build a community in a time of unprecedented isolation.”

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Founded in 2005, Intellectmap first established itself as an artificial intelligence company, using its patented mapped intelligence technology to solve complex business issues. It has since used its technology to focus on cybersecurity issues, launching its service Intellect Security, which provides expert driven and AI augmented cybersecurity awareness training, along with more specialized cybersecurity testing and support. For more information, go to or contact us at