Protecting Remote Workers: Intellectmap Launches Remote Work Cybersecurity Solution

Press Release: Protecting Remote Workers: Intellectmap Launches Remote Work Cybersecurity Solution

July 6, 2020

BETHESDA, Md.-- Today, Intellectmap Corporation, a cybersecurity and AI company, officially launched their newest solution for remote workers: Guardian Angel. This cybersecurity service addresses the common threats for remote workers to ensure the security of sensitive company information.

"Since Coronavirus pushed everyone to remote work, you're not only seeing people struggle to work together effectively, you're also seeing an alarming increase in cybercrime. Newly remote workers haven't learned the best practices of cybersecurity, and hackers know that," said Catherine Sorensen, an associate director at Intellectmap.

Guardian Angel includes a variety of security services aimed at protecting remote workers, including penetration testing for employee systems, AI enhanced cybersecurity awareness training, AI log analysis for employee networks, and a secure file sharing platform with SecureEmail, a tool to protect email attachments with military grade encryption. It also includes access to their virtual reality office, a novel way to collaborate with employees via avatars.

"We included the virtual office, because as a remote team, it's transformed the way we collaborate. We really feel like we're together in the same office, and we wanted to share our secret to remote work with others who may be struggling with the adjustment," Sorensen added.

In addition to its product offerings, Intellectmap's solutions are combined with consulting and training from their team of experts, coming from backgrounds like the CIA and cybersecurity at top financial Fortune 500 companies.

About Intellectmap

Founded in 2005, Intellectmap first established itself as an artificial intelligence company, using its patented mapped intelligence technology to solve complex business issues. It has since used its technology to focus on cybersecurity, with a particular focus on training employees and testing networks by combining their team of experts with their AI. For more information on Guardian Angel click here or read the blog post.

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