Event: Creating a New Tomorrow: Discussions about the AI metaverse around a Virtual Table

Event: Creating a New Tomorrow: Discussions about the AI metaverse around a Virtual Table

May 7, 2020

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Intellectmap is excited to announce it will be hosting round-table style summits on how different industries can be transformed by advances in Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. As the world begins to return to work following the coronavirus pandemic these summits will focus on how industries need to innovate to deal with a disrupted economy and to mitigate risk within a new uncertain operating environment. These exclusive events will bring together business executives whose operations have been radically changed as a result of the pandemic with leading minds in AI and VR, to dive deep into the challenges brought by the pandemic and explore creative solutions available on the AI metaverse, all in a collaborative and intimate setting.

These events will be hosted in our beautiful virtual campus on the AI metaverse, and the date will be determined based on the availability of attendees. No VR headset is required. This event is invite-only but if you would like to be considered, or would like to nominate someone for consideration, contact summit@intellectmap.com specifying which of the following industries you are interested in:

Accommodation and Food Services
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
Educational Services
Finance and Insurance
Healthcare and Social Assistance
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing
Retail Trade
Transportation and Warehousing

About us:
Intellectmap's mission is to transform businesses with artificial intelligence. Since 2005, we have been using our patented AI technology to solve some of the most challenging business problems such as cybersecurity preparedness, knowledge transfer, scalable communication, and virtual collaboration.