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Intellectmap provides software and services to help companies organize information to make intelligent decisions. We provide services in four core offerings:

Intellect Manager™ is a knowledge management solution which provides you with a complete view of your business. It allows you to organize your company documents, tasks and frequently asked questions across departments and to quickly deploy customized databases for information capture and search worldwide. Our hosted services empower you to manage employee, customer, client and vendor relationships and to securely present your information with virtual data rooms and web casts.

Intellect Expert™ leverages Intellectmap's patented technologies to allow you to communicate information and expertise in a way that helps the reader make decisions. By asking the reader key questions and using inbuilt metrics you can understand how decisions are being made by readers. The system supports the continual refinement of the way information is communicated so that the quality of decisions can be improved over time.

Intellect Cloud BPM™ is a platform that enables the outsourcing of standardized and repeatable parts of a business to reduce costs, improve quality, provide support operations globally 24 hours a day and increase competitiveness with offshore companies. This software allows companies to process information and gather intelligence to support better business decision-making.

Intellect Advertise™ is a performance based pay per decision advertising program. Instead of using a limited cost per click model when advertising your site, this program allows you to pay different amounts for the various decisions a visitor makes as they review information about the services and products you provide. This results in lower media costs for your company and a higher return on your advertising investments since you can more fully qualify candidates from the decisions they make.

Intellectmap technology can be universally applied to all professions and to any area where people reason.

             Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our technologies.

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Intellectmap has prepared a QuickStart offering so that you can immediately experience the benefits of mapped intelligence.

Web Expert

Web Expert

Intellectmap offers the Web Expert™ QuickStart so that you can quickly record a particular area of your expertise and disseminate it in executable form to others. The benefits of this offering include:

  • Enhance human decision making by leveraging the knowledge of key experts across your teams.
  • Reduce your expenses by freeing experts from repetitive routine decisions for more productive and rewarding work.
  • Reduce the cost of knowledge transfer and ensure that decisions are made in a consistent way and as speedily as possible.
  • Retain your organization's expertise in a readily maintainable form.

Please contact us if you would like to quickly see the benefits of mapped intelligence through our QuickStart offering.



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