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INTELLECTMAP:  people-oriented technology for intelligent interaction™

The Internet has brought software to the people. For the first time in history, ordinary people all over the world are using software to connect to each other. While initial applications have focused on ecommerce and business to business communication, we believe the most revolutionary changes have yet to occur. A transformation of much greater proportions will be experienced as people-oriented software enables intelligent interaction.

While software cannot truly "think", it can map the human mind in powerful and exciting ways. As knowledge and expertise is captured and recorded in executable form, the Internet will exponentially grow as the vehicle for the dissemination of mapped intelligence. Intellectmap is a company that is on the forefront of this new exciting wave of innovation. Our mission is to help businesses and organizations map their intellectual capability with people-oriented technologies and services.

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In 1998 Ronan Sorensen, the CEO of Intellectmap, first articulated a people-oriented software vision in his book "Inside Microsoft Windows NT Internet Development", published by Microsoft Press. In 2002 he expanded on these ideas in the book "Applied.NET - Developing People-Oriented Software Using C#" published by Addison-Wesley. In 2005 Ronan founded Intellectmap with the vision of creating enabling technologies for companies to capture and disseminate intellectual reasoning. Prior to Intellectmap, Ronan was a Technical Senior Strategist at Dell Inc., one of the most successful companies in the world at leveraging the power of the Internet.

Earlier in his career Ronan was instrumental in growing Plural Inc. into a $100 million revenue eBusiness consulting and development company as National Director of Strategic Technology. During his seven years tenure the company gained industry wide recognition as a leading eBusiness firm with specialized industry focus areas in financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, pharmaceutical, media, travel and professional services.

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