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Are you looking for a career partner?

Consider joining Intellectmap if you wish to pursue a career in sales, business development, artificial intelligence, knowledge engineering, software development, project management, training or company administration.

At Intellectmap we understand that your goals and ambitions are your primary priority in choosing work. We are excited about the possibility of helping you develop your career as part of our team. If you are an energetic and creative team player with a strong desire to succeed you will feel very much at home in our company.

We believe Intellectmap has embarked on a great adventure in helping businesses and organizations map human intelligence. Our culture fosters creativity and collaboration as we work together in building a truly great company. A high growth business needs many different types of skills. If you are excited about contributing to and sharing in our success - please take the first step and send your resume to



However true it may be that man is destined for work and called to it, in the first place work is "for man" and not man "for work" …in the final analysis it is always man who is the purpose of the work. - Pope John Paul II 


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